Mystical Module 9

Giving a Mini Shamanic Healing 

Please note you are not qualified to charge for healings after this training. You would need to take Level 2 in order to qualify for therapists insurance and start charging for this work. This part is so that you can get an understanding at a very basic level, for your self healing, not for use on others yet. 

The practical for activing your tools is in two parts.

Forst journey to find your guides, in this middle world guides video. These two guides will be the spirit of your sacred tools.

Then follow the activing process once you have your rattle and feather to hand.

Clare J

Facilitator: Shamanic Practitioner and MESA Carrier. Founder of PASH Ceremony and creator of the Shamanic Shift.

Working Towards Oneness.
You are me and I am you.