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Four Directions Method
The Way Home


You start in the South Level 1

You can start working with clients straight away after taking the first direction.  

How are the 4 directions delivered?

Printable course workbook, with exercises for you and your clients.
In Person 4 days training for each direction or
Video tutorial format, practical methods and techniques that work to:

  1. alchemise your victim consciousness, expand into love
  2. alchemise your saboteur, allow fear to give your energy not hold you back
  3. find your purpose, fulfilment & freedom
  4. trust your worth, live in peace

Includes Facilitator Training For Coaches and Practitioners
Detailed breakdown of how to deliver each session to your clients and get transformational results every time

You will be a qualified and insured transformational coach and somatic psychic practitioner after taking the first direction. You can then get clients right away. You don’t need to wait till you’ve completed all 4 directions, to start giving the first 3 coaching sessions. 
Bonus Training:
How to get your first clients quickly & easily
Setting up your practice (guided videos, step by step, how to set up client registration forms and take payments so you have a business ready to go)

Delivered in this order:

  1. South = Serpent / Victim Alchemy 
  2. West = Jaguar / Fear Alchemy 
  3. North = Hummingbird / Power & Purpose 
  4. East = Eagle / Owning Your Worth 

& How you deliver the training to your clients?

4 Coaching sessions per direction

Each session is laid out in your workbook, so all of the hard part of planning is done for you.

South 4 sessions to alchemise Victim
(Includes illumination Shamanic Work)

West 4 sessions to move through fears
(Includes past life shamanic work, or unconscious fear, for those that don’t want to relate it past lives, it’s trapped in unconscious mind.)

North 4 sessions to find your power & purpose
(Includes soul retrieval Shamanic Work, or stretching your emotional and energetic range for those that don’t want to use shamanic terminology)

West 4 Sessions to Trust your worth
(Includes Ancestral Karma Clearing Shamanic Work, or collective conditioning clearing, understanding the all and effective perspective)

4 Step Empowerment Process
Alchemising the 4 corners of human consciousness

It works because psychologically these 4 pillar archetypes are the same for all humans

Here’s how it works.

  1. Get out of Victim and into your power
  2. Meet your fear so that it never keeps you playing small again
  3. Live your mastery and purpose
  4. Trust your worth and never sell yourself short again.

Tools making you a super coach

  • Alchemise any limiting belief with the self healing cycle 


  • Understand all fear with 3 sides of the coin coaching (the secret side to coaching you are never taught)


  • How to use your emotions to find your purpose and live in bliss


  • Anchor into self worth and feel like you’ve come home

    Who is it for?

    Anyone that wants to take back control of their own life

    Understand emotions, fear and how your mind works, simply and practically. 

    Anyone that wants a fault proof, done for you empowerment process to get results for your clients making you a successful coach and practitioner to others.

      If you don’t master your life and what you have come here to do.
      You can do it in the next life, or the next
      Continue running from yourself
      Finally face EVERY CORNER of WHO YOU ARE and


        Clare J

        I took my BA Hons 06-09 moving into the professional industry as a workshop facilitator. I have been bringing in shamanic wisdom on top of that for the last 11 years. My own personal self development journey started age 9 when I was chronically ill and I have been forming the mind body soul connection needed for transformational work for nearly 30 years.

        The Four Directions is recognised as an accredited certification by Industry leading Insurance. Those training with us are suitable for therapist insurance policies. Over the last 3 years I have helped 251 clients on a 1:1 basis and successfully trained 45 new practitioners just last year.


        What Others Experience…

        I dearly dearly love Clare and her medicine ♥️♥️ I had 121 coaching with Clare and Wowowow!!! I can’t put into words what my time with Clare means to me as its been one of the most beautiful experiences of my life ?? I will always be grateful to Clare ?? I would highly recommend Clare to anyone who is ready to fully step into their authentic being, connect to their power, and ready to shift what no longer serves and SO MUCH MORE ♥️♥️♥️ thank you Clare for all you do and thank you for being in my life ?? A’ho dear sister

        Bex Rebecca Jane

        I had a wonderful experience in the 1-1 sessions with Clare. It was really mind-blowing and I instantly felt calmer, more wholesome, lighter and that I had released some very heavy energy that I had been carrying around for a long time.
        I would recommend Clare to anyone who is looking to develop themselves and is committed to healing themselves as, quite frankly, Clare is a genius!

        Barry Matthews

        In my online session I felt at ease and was able to open up easily, and express my thoughts. I feel my anger has had a big shift since my session. I have felt a sense of calm, which has been a huge progress in my journey. Would definitely recommend. You really understood my issues and helped me see and tell myself that the emotional rollercoaster I am going through is normal, I am not alone, and I am strong enough to accept what has happened in my life. Also, I am the only person in charge of my own happiness

        Sarah Jochacy

        A detailed breakdown of the process


        Using the four directions 

        These 4 corners South West North East are based on the 4 pilar archetypes of collective consciousness

        The 4 energies of being human that EVERYONE HAS

        No one human being is without one of these archetypes

        That’s why this works for everyone

        The process is about understanding the human experience, all your emotions, why you might feel alone, like no one understands, or have given up trying because nothing seems to work.

        This method creates a container for you to find your own safety, surrender and acceptance.

        There is only conflict, pain, stress and disease when things are not understood.

        This process will show you why you feel the way you do, what your limiting beliefs are and get you out of your own way.

        Direction: South
        Archetype: Victim

        1st stage of consciousness (life happened to me)

        Reveal hidden limiting beliefs

        Shed old stories that are no longer serving

        Heal physical body from pain & disease

        Understand suppressed emotions

        Heal old wounds in the past

        Direction: West
        Archetype: Saboteur

        2nd Stage of consciousness (life is created by me)

        Fear is keeping you small (Face it till you make it)

        Push through comfort zone

        Find & face your shadows

        Fears of responsibility

        Owning your power

        Direction: North
        Archetype: Child

        3rd Stage of consciousness (spirit creates through me)

        Creativity and Energy

        What is your purpose and joy

        Expanding into more love

        Psychic development & Intuitive Knowing

        Finding fun & play with life

        Self education and learning

        Direction: West
        Archetype: Prostitute

        4th Stage of consciousness (oneness, life is created as me)

        How are you selling yourself short

        Not giving yourself or anything that disempowers you

        Trusting your worth

        Faith that your needs are provided for

        Spirit and soul not for sale, no violation of self

        Perspective of THE ALL

        South Serpent

        Understand and alchemise victim archetype

        • 4 Sessions of 1:1 Transformational Coaching

        • Shamanic Theme (Illuminations)

        • PDF Workbook with self development challenges to complete weekly

        West Jaguar

        Integrate fears, shadows and stretch out of comfort zone

        • 4 Sessions of 1:1 Empowerment Coaching

        • Shamanic Theme (Extractions & Past lives)

        • PDF Workbook with self development challenges to complete weekly

        North Hummingbird

        Integrate play, fun and creativity. Mastery & Life Purpose

        • 4 Sessions of 1:1 Empowerment Coaching

        • Shamanic Theme (Soul Retrieval, All Parts of Self/Roles)

        • PDF Workbook with self development challenges to complete weekly

        East Eagle/Condor

        Trusting your worth, Finding your home within 

        • 4 Sessions of 1:1 Completion Coaching

        • Shamanic Theme (Ancestral Lines, Contracts,)

        • PDF Workbook with self development challenges to complete weekly

        The only thing holding you back is YOU
        Get out of your own way and fly
        The quickest way to do that, is self education
        Once you know how you are unstoppable
        And no one can take knowledge away from you
        This isn’t just how, this is how to apply it so it works.
        Wisdom is knowledge applied.
        Take your life back and be the source of your own change.
        Four Directions Process

        Tired of life’s challenges?

        Do you?

        Put yourself down?

        Play small?

        Feel not good enough?


        Get into arguments or disagreements?

        Are often not well or tired?

        Can’t deal with so and so in relationship?

        Can’t cope?

        Find others take advantage?

        Don’t ask for help?

        Feel alone? Isolated? Don’t know where to turn?

        Is your victim running your life?

        Do you want to know how to shift from I can’t to I can in any situation?

        Where do I start?


        Come Home To Your Own Goodness

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